COVID-19 UPDATES: 03/18/2020

Your peace of mind and safety is our number one concern. We want to give you the facts about Coronavirus (COVID-19) in our area and the precautions we are taking against the spread of the virus. We also want you to know what your options are if you choose not to travel at this time. At this time, the CDC nor State of AL has not issued a blanket ban on domestic travel for the general public. We are open for business and accepting travelers to our area. The beaches are open. A few businesses like the Flora Bama and Lulus have closed to limit crowds gathering. This can all change at any time, and we will do our best to keep you updated. To join our text info line please text with no spaces EZAGINFO to 474747. Or text questions to 251 202 3211.

In an effort to keep our community, staff, and other guests safe we are asking that you DO NOT come to our area if you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or if you have been placed under quarantine for potential exposure. View symptoms here: Please notify us immediately if you get sick while you are here so that we can be prepared when entering the property once you depart.

We own our housekeeping and laundry company, so we have implemented direct to our cleaners special protocol to follow for all cleaning and sanitizing. Beds & Towels: Our housekeeping team brings in fresh linens, fresh pillowcases, and fresh white quilts from our laundry office for each bed for every new guest arrival. For the time being, we have removed all decorative items from beds to make certain everything is fresh and very clean. We apologize if the beds look bland, but we just want them to be as sanitized as possible for each new guest. You may notice the items bagged in closets – please overlook as we store them here for now. Our housekeeping team brings in fresh towels for each bath for every new guest arrival straight from our laundry office. The housekeepers have been instructed to use certain chemicals on all surfaces that people touch and to spray Lysol all soft surfaces. We have instructed any person who works with us NOT to come to work sick. We do ask for your patience if your check in is delayed while take extra steps to sanitize properties. We always supply one round of paper products – we will continue as long as supplies are available from our vendors. We do recommend bringing what you expect to need. In addition to what we are doing, we strongly recommend incoming guests bring along a cleaner or Clorox wipes that will kill most bacteria/viruses and even Lysol aerosol spray as a second layer of defense both inside the properties and on any common areas that you may come into contact with. The individual property Homeowner Associations are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the property common areas, not Alabama Getaway. We recommend guests wipe down deck chairs by the pool or any common areas with your own cleaner. We feel extra layers of protection are good for everyone as a whole right now. We cannot guarantee all amenities will be open for your stay. This is up to HOA's.

We are working with guests on cancellations and trip date changes. Please have patience as we work to process the cancellations. If your arrival date is less than 30 days out and you want to cancel, please complete the following form and we will reply with instructions and process to receive a 100% refund. If you want to change your travel dates, please text us at 251 202 3211 to start that process.

No matter what happens we are looking forward to having you here at the beach soon. We appreciate your business and support of our area. Please stay safe and know that our prayers are with everyone as we all navigate these new normal together.

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